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Hi, my name is Siddhartha Krishnan. I am the quintessential “corporate guy” who accidentally took to writing and then discovered the magic of blogging. I have 10+ years of corporate experience working in big MNC’s as a business operations professional, specializing in program management, MIS and Analytics and transition management. However, somewhere down the line I realized that something was missing in my life. There was a deep yearning to do something creative.

Thus, I got down to writing short stories and subsequently started the website http://www.whatsonsidsmind.com in 2018 to put out my writing and explore my creative side. Writing helped me discover certain unknown facets of my personality. My immediate goal is to publish my first book and take this creative journey forward. Through this blog, I want to share some of my stories and interact with you to hear your stories. So, let us connect and tell some great stories together.


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