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Life is a collection of stories. These stories have made us who we are today. They have the remarkable ability to connect us all. Although, we all have our individual stories, we do share common grounds and similar life experiences.

In this blog I, Siddhartha Krishnan, author and owner of this website http://www.whatsonsidsmind.com, will be sharing some of my life experiences in the form of short stories, essays, articles, travelogues, reviews etc and through them connect with you and understand where we share those common interests. This way we can collaborate and tell some great stories.

Quoting J.K.Rowling here would be apt – “There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”

So, tell me, “What’s on your mind?


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  1. Amazing way of penning down minute details in an illustrious way. You are gifted with an awesome art.Enjoyed your writing.

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