The Image of me, in your eyes – A message from Father to Son.

Dear Son,

Should I be presenting to you, an image of myself, like many do, which befits a God?

Would it be fair on my part to keep you in that illusion?

Just because I have the power to influence you!

It is an illusion isn’t it?

Because the truth is, that I am neither an Angel nor a God!

It is a lie, the truth of which, you will find out one day, and curse me for.

If not, through your words, then through your actions.

Hence, I have decided to tell you this;

That I am flawed, and far from perfect,

And what’s more, I have made mistakes in the past, and I will in the future too.

I am helpless, and unfortunately this is my reality,

And it’s because I am only human.

But don’t worry.

All is not lost, and this is what I can vouch for;

That although, I do make mistakes,

I do also, possess the remarkable ability, to correct them, and to learn from them.

Despite falling a million times,

Miraculously, I do find the grit to rise, again and again!

And that, the thousand cuts, the ruthless world inflicts on me,

Only manages to bleed me, but not deter my zeal.

Not one bit!

You know why that is so my son?

It is because, I am human and not God,

And I am ever so thankful, that I was born as one!

And, you should too.

Photo credits for video: Adobe Spark- Pixabay- Free photos collection.


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