The Man Who Called Himself “Satyanveshi” (Truth Seeker) | Byomkesh Bakshi | Back to 90s | Coming Soon!

Byomkesh cover

Pic credit: imdb & doordarshan

He was the “guy next door” who called himself “Satyanveshi” (Truth Seeker).
Get your “cha” (tea) ready because this man from Harrison road, Kolkata is coming soon to knock at your door.
Next on and part of my “back to 90s” series is an article on the much-loved detective tv series “Byomkesh Bakshi”. Watch out for this space!

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  1. Sounds like our TV detective “Columbo,” who drove an old car and wore a rumpled coat. He looked deceptively frumpy but always solved the case brilliantly!

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