2 Years Already! | Two and a Half Rainbows

Hi All,

Happy to inform that my book Two and a Half Rainbows has completed 2 years!
The experience of travelling with my first book, as it journeyed through clouds of uncertainty, to make a name for itself, was humbling and enlightening. Let me not mince words here; it is a very lonely process. While you write to tell a story that you are dying to tell, a finished book at the end of the day is meant for its readers. It must find miraculous ways to reach them. And on rare days, when it receives the appreciation of a book lover, all the effort that was put into nurturing ideas and transforming them into words feels worth it.

So, to all who have supported me in this journey, and sent in a kind word of encouragement; thank you for believing in me! And to all who have read and reviewed my book; I can’t thank you enough!

Two and a Half Rainbows is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Google Books. (link below)


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