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Hello fellow bloggers,

My wife and I are embarking on a culinary adventure. Something that’s been on our minds forever. A culinary channel on YouTube (Link below) –
Food is home. Food is travel. Food is memory. Food is flavor. We are foraging for those flavors and those memories. Join us ‘Flavor Foragers’ on this culinary adventure, as we try to recreate dishes that evoke fond memories of aromas, textures and tastes, that have tantalized not just our tongues but also our minds.
Every dish that has a legacy, has a story, not just about the way it is prepared but also about the way it is relished. We want to bring these food stories, experiences and recipes to life while adding our own touch to these dishes that have stood the test of time.
Please do subscribe to our channel to support us and to know more about this culinary journey.
Our first video is a dish that is a favorite of Kolkatans. A biriyani that has as rich a history as taste. (find the link below)

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