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It’s been about 9 months since the launch of Whatsonsidsmind 2.0. The earlier avatar i.e Whatsonsidsmind 1.0 (launched in Aug’18)—was a personal blog with around 50 subscribers, mostly friends and relatives, who were kind enough to give into my demands. The intent back then was just to get a neat little platform to put out my short stories so that friends would find it easier to read and critique my work. Writing wasn’t something that I had planned to do (ref: How I took to writing?)—it happened by accident, hence, the foray into blogging too wasn’t exactly well thought out.

However, one thing with writing is that you only get better by putting pen to paper. It is a difficult process because it is a lonely process. Hence, insanity is part of the deal! But somehow, I managed to keep at it and that initial one year, which was my period of discovery gave an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. Also, it gave the confidence to be a little more adventurous with my choices in the future.

Thus, in August 2019—I launched Whatsonsidsmind 2.0; this time not restricting myself to any specific form or genre of writing. I decided to try anything that caught my imagination, and subsequently, started writing articles, essays, travelogues, short stories, movie reviews etc. Once, the scope had widened many more readers started showing interest in my website, which subsequently increased my follower base.

But it was only in Oct 2019, that I started exploring the wonderful blogging community within WordPress. And, the first thing that struck me was the diversity of this community—a world in itself—each person with a unique story to tell. To read some of the blogs was like entering into a different reality and an unknown culture. Many of these fellow bloggers found my writing interesting and subsequently followed my work. They were also gracious enough to provide their feedback and constant words of encouragement. Thus, I felt enthused, when my travelogue “The Goa Diary” or my article on ace filmmaker “Satyajit Ray” or my take on the film “Parasite” resonated with readers in a faraway city or town in US, Europe or Africa.

This month Whatsonsidsmind touched 1000 subscribers and I am thrilled to bits. However, in my opinion the win is not in the numbers, it’s in the fact that my blogs were read by people from over 70 countries. Ultimately, that’s what every writer/blogger craves because appreciation or criticism can only happen when the work has reached out to people, isn’t it?

However, this is a long journey and there is still a lot to learn. In many ways the journey has only begun. But for now, I intend to celebrate this moment with all of you.



Stay safe. TC.




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