Two and a Half Rainbows | Book Review – By Author Pankaj Giri

Please note: The following review was originally posted by Pankaj Giri (author of the ‘Amazon Best Reads’ – The Fragile Thread of Hope) on his FB Page and on the ‘Two and a Half Rainbows‘ FB page. It is being shared on this website with his due approval. 

A Thought Provoking, Masterful Collection of Short Stories!

I met Siddhartha on Facebook, where he introduced his book to me. The blurb was well-written and intriguing, so I decided to give it a go.
I am constantly on the lookout for good contemporary fiction by Indian writers. However, most of the time, I am left disappointed. Either the language is laden with grammatical errors or the narration leaves a lot to be desired. Only rarely do I come across a literary gem with polished language and good narration that gives an overly satisfying experience. I’m glad to inform you that ‘Two and a Half Rainbows’ by Siddhartha easily falls into the latter category.
The book is a collection of short stories exploring the themes of familial relationships, life’s bittersweet memories, mystery, love, friendship, and even horror. Some stories also give life lessons in a subtle, non-preachy way. I also loved how some of the longer stories have been divided into parts. It’s a unique technique, and I think it is certainly effective in this book.
After reading the first few pages itself I knew that I had not made a mistake by choosing this book. The language is lucid and descriptive and free from grammatical and punctuation errors. Even the punctuation in dialogues—where young writers invariably falter—is flawless.
The book is sprinkled with unique metaphors and similes here and there, enriching the already brilliant writing. The paragraphs are short and there is a perfect mixture of long and short sentences, which makes for a wonderful reading experience.
The descriptions are vivid and the reader can imagine everything as if they are right there in the scene. There is an artistry in the narration as well, keeping the mystery alive right till the very end. I was awed by the endings of almost all stories. The characters are also well-sketched and I could relate to most of them.
The best part about the writing in this book is its intelligence. The narration is layered, and the conclusions of the stories are not spoon-fed to the reader. It makes them think, which is the hallmark of clever writing.
This is a one-of-a-kind book that deserves to be read by readers and non-readers alike. It is entertaining, clever, and extremely well-written. It is rare to find a flawless book like this, especially among the self-published ones. In fact, this book deserves to be traditionally published and reach bookstores across the country. I asked the author about it, and he said he didn’t even try to approach publishers, which is unfortunate.
Nevertheless, I urge anyone who is reading this review to try this book out. Brilliant writers like Siddhartha Krishnan need to be encouraged.
4.7 out of 5 stars to this masterpiece.
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