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Written by Siddhartha Krishnan . 1 Min Read

(A thought came to mind yesterday night while trying to write something substantial. Thought of sharing it)

Have you ever observed a child telling a story? It is a different kind of storytelling isn’t it?

It has the power, imagination and most importantly, the innocence that we may have lost.

Their words may not match ours, but there is truth in it.

For what they are saying is raw and dramatic. Just like life is!

And, don’t be fooled, their stories aren’t bereft of precision either,

For their description of even the insignificant,

Feels like an ode to wonderment!

And, their morals are superior,

Because they aren’t telling you a story,

To please, shock, or win your trust,

They are telling it,

Because what they have just experienced,

Is wonderful enough to be told.

Isn’t that enough for a story?

And, isn’t that a good place to be as a storyteller?

In the words of the great Margaret Atwood,
“Perhaps I write for no one.
Perhaps for the same person children are writing for when they scrawl their names in the snow.”

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Siddhartha Krishnan is the author of Two and a Half Rainbows – A Collection of Short Stories.

He is also an enthusiastic blogger and on his website, he regularly puts out his essays, articles, travelogues and film reviews.

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  1. Definitely, as a teacher I hear many stories from the students… And also their desire to be heard.. Not really what we think but that we listened with full attention.

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