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The above video is a reading of an extract from the short story “Meeting Rosanna” from my book “Two and a Half Rainbows – A Collection of Short Stories”. The story is about two septuagenarians who meet unexpectedly after 40 long years. The inspiration for the story came from observing my parents. I have often wondered, what it would be like, for them, to meet an old and dear friend in a serendipitous encounter. What would be their reaction? What would they be reliving?

The extract has been read by my sister-in-law, Garima Joshi Tewari, who was kind enough to lend her mellifluous voice to my story. She is a former radio jockey with FM Rainbow (All India Radio) and I believe she has done a fabulous job of helping the reader visualize the scenes unfolding in this short extract from the story. Hope you all like it!

This will be the first among a series of story reading videos which will be uploaded in the coming weeks. So do watch out for this space and do like, share and subscribe to my channel if you have liked what you have seen!

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