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Here is an excellent opportunity for budding writers, photography and travel enthusiasts to collaborate and learn from experts amidst the tranquility of the jungles of Satpura (MP, India). A 3-day curated learning experience that offers a sensorial sojourn. “A heady blend of art, literature, travel and cultural immersiveness” is what Gaurav Gothi, Co-Creator Anubhav and Founder Ghumakkad Initiative is promising.

A 15% early bird discount is available till 30th Sep. So if you are interested, please hurry and book your slot. Limited slots available – 20 (Creative writing) and 20 (Photography). Details of the complete itinerary, facilitator profiles and learning curriculum are available in the brochure (link below). Also, please get in touch with Team Ghumakkad for any doubts. All details in the flyer and brochure.

Anubhav Brochure English (1)



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    1. The Co-creator and founding member of the event is a neighbour. He spoke passionately about the project, and it sounded interesting to me. This might be of value to new writers and photographers, so thought of sharing. Thanks for showing interest, Mick.

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